” Gaming Incubator has been our partner since the very beginning, and they have been a key part of our initial capital raise, helping us to achieve one of the highest valuations for a tech start-up in Europe. I think the best endorsement for Gaming Incubator is really the fact that I am happy for them to be our sole strategic advisory partner. They are always available to offer pertinent advice, and provide clear and structured action plans. They are central to our long-term plans to provide our social networking tools across both social and iGaming environments. ”
Adam JT Palmer, Founder & CEO ~ Get Social

” I have worked closely with the Gaming Incubator following our Series A capital raise in October last year. They are very experienced with prioritising the core business requirements in the launch of a tech start-up, and have helped me to establish internal project planning, control and communication processes. Their theoretical knowledge and practical experience across industry sectors means they have focused our execution on core points of delivery. I look forward to continue working with the team as we grow and expand internationally. ”
Matthew Di Giorgio, Founder & CEO ~ Take 5

” Having worked closely with Gaming Incubator I can attest that the quality and effectiveness of their work is second to none. I have no doubt that Gaming Incubator has played a key role in Shillanco’s success in securing new projects and attracting investment.”
Michael Shillan, Founder & CEO ~ ShillanCo